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With Claudia Santiago

and Special Guest: Lesline Nance

3pm PST / 5CST / 6 EST

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Topic: Cucina Santiago



Special Guest: Leslie Nance leslienance-go2kitchens


Twitter: @go2kitchens

FB Page: Go2Kitchens

Leslie Nance is the host of “Lunch with Leslie” an interactive cooking show and the creator of After a cancer diagnosis in 2012 she has dedicated her life to helping others discover the real power of REAL FOOD! Cancer free for over 3 years she now teaches others how to be empowered in their health, to be the CEO of their own bodies and health. She believe that a healthy lifestyle can only start in one place…in the kitchen! As a kitchen coach and real food enthusiast she teaches others kitchen skills, real food cooking and invents tasty recipes. “I want you to have a lightbulb moment in your health before a devastating diagnosis” says Leslie. She is on a mission to help millions of people have that lightbulb moment before it is to late!


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