Sat, May 14 1pm (PST) / 3pm (CST) / 4pm (EST)



with Claudia Santiago and Special Guests

Creativity unlimited! Come join in with Claudia Santiago and guests as they share their creative talent and business tips too!

Painters, designers, illustrators, graphic artists and more…

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Featured Guest: Grammy Dawney Glenn – Nashville, TN


Dawney Glenn is the creator of Grammys Art.1-GrammyDawneyGlenn

Bio: I began painting about 10 years ago. I was invited to an art workshop and handed a canvas and a brush. All the people around me were doing pretty little trees and happy puppies, lovely landscapes and pet portraits. I looked at my blank canvas and said “There needs to be some green. And purple. And orange.” My teacher and mentor, Robert Wright, might have been a little freaked out because he’d never worked with an abstract artist before.

Between then and now I’ve learned many new techniques. Currently I’m painting in acrylic and in wax. Always lots of color, lots of emotions. Hope, joy and confusion. Where would we be without it?

Twitter: @Grammys_Art



Kathy-Hartwig-GrilloSpecial Guest: Kathy Hartwig Grillo


Digital painting artist

Facebook Page:

[Click here]







Watch and join in on the convo and on this blab! [click here]


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