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with Claudia Santiago

“Diamond #7 of Series: Get HAIR STYLE Fabulous”

for your professional stage: Online, TV, Live Events and more….


Wed, Sept 14 at 3pm (PST) / 5pm (CST) / 6pm (EST)

This isn’t a fluffy topic – if you are a pro, you will understand that part of imaging and the things that set you apart are at times the little things. That’s why there are professional salons and spas that focus especially on celebrities or professional public figure talent.

Guys seem to have it much easier in the ‘platform/public figure’ world! Hahahaa… yes, for us ladies, at times it seems we have much more going on behind the scenes when it comes to presentation. Although, there is a huge rise in professional men frequenting the spas for facials, and other grooming too!!

Hairstyling is either something that excites you or frustrates you. Because I travel frequently to different types of live shoot locations, I’ve had to learn how to do this professionally, quickly and also prepare for varying weather conditions and even gala events!

Come learn some tips and tricks I use, but also I’ll be sharing about how even your hairstyle is part of your brand to help you hone in what you are doing and take up another level. ONE SIZE does NOT fit all when you are professional. Let’s go ladies – invite your amigas too 🙂

(BTW – in this session I will be demonstrating live hands on and come jump in a seat and ask anything you want and I will give you feed back on your particular challenges.)

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